Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Roles, Responsibilities + Boundaries Activity

Roles, Responsibilities + Boundaries of Teaching.

Roles of a Teacher:
- Teach subject affectively
- Keep up to date with subject
- Give regular feedback
- Deliver clear material
- Flexibility
- Preparation
- Support
- Professionalism

Responsibilities of a Teacher:
-Keeping up to date with subject
- Define learner needs (determine the level they are working towards)
- Risk assessment (Health and safety)
- Data protection act
- Self control (Be prepared to answer questions calmly)
- Self criticism (If your unsure about something, you will go away and find out)
  Don't be receptive to criticism
- Supply Learning Material

Boundaries of a Teacher
- Choice of language (appropriate language)
- Teaching with no discrimination
- Keep to standards, and within regulations
- Safe guard to young children (child protection)
- Confidentiality of learners
- Security of work (Data protection)
- Dress appropriately
- Careful not to offend, respect pupils boundaries.

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